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Online MBA Cost Comparison: An Analysis of Top UK Universities

Online MBA cost comparison is very important to the potential MBA student. The economic implications of choosing a particular educational program are critical to both the institution and the student. While a multitude of factors come into play when evaluating the quality of an MBA program—ranging from faculty expertise to network reach— online MBA cost comparison remains a key consideration for most prospective students.


Online MBA Cost Comparison – Methodology

The data for this analysis were gathered from the official websites of various top-ranking UK universities offering online MBA programs. Additional data were gleaned from academic journals and primary sources focused on higher education economics. Prices are evaluated in British Pounds and represent the total tuition fees for the entire duration of the program.


Tabulation of Costs


University Cost in GBP (£) Duration (Months) Cost per month
University of Oxford 45,000 24 1,875
University of Cambridge 52,000 24 2,167
London Business School 78,500 15 5,233
Imperial College London 42,000 24 1,750
University College London 36,000 21 1,714


Note: The cost per month is calculated by dividing the total cost by the program duration. This offers a simplified yet useful metric for quick comparisons.


Online MBA Cost Comparison – Economic Theory and Cost Structures

The pricing strategies of these universities can be explained through the Price Discrimination Theory, which is an offshoot of Monopoly Theory in economics. Universities like Oxford and Cambridge are applying third-degree price discrimination, where they price the same service differently based on consumer willingness to pay. The premium pricing reflects not just the academic content but also the brand value and networking opportunities they offer (Hoxby, Caroline M., “The Economics of Universities in a New Age of Funding Options,” Research in Economics, 2017).


Online MBA Cost Comparison – Factors Influencing Cost

  • Pedagogy: A higher degree of individualized instruction, real-world business case studies, and interactive technology often correlate with higher costs.
  • Faculty: Renowned faculty may demand higher salaries, which can inflate the cost of the program.
  • Accreditation: Programs with accreditation from bodies like AACSB, AMBA, or EQUIS often have higher tuition fees.
  • Research Resources: Access to high-quality databases, libraries, and research tools can also drive up the cost.


Online MBA Cost Comparison – Business Environment Example

Consider the tech industry, where companies like Apple and Samsung offer similar products but at different price points. The price is not solely a function of the cost of production; brand value, market positioning, and consumer expectations play a substantial role. Similarly, universities price their MBA programs based on brand value, alumni network, and expected ROI.


Online MBA Cost Comparison – Key Takeaways

  • Price Variability: There is a wide range of costs even among top UK universities.
  • Brand Premium: Schools like Oxford and Cambridge command a premium price, reflecting their historic brand value and the quality of their networks.
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis: Prospective students must consider not just the upfront costs but also the ROI.

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In conclusion, while cost is an essential factor in selecting an online MBA program, it should be weighed against the potential benefits that each program offers in the long term. The decision should be the outcome of a careful evaluation that also incorporates academic rigour, faculty expertise, and networking opportunities.