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Welcome to! We’re your go-to place for high-quality, completely free MBA courses. First up in our series is a course that demystifies Business Strategy by merging solid academic theory with real-world usefulness.

Why Focus on Business Strategy?

In today’s fast-paced business world, a solid strategy is key. It helps you make wise decisions on where to put your resources, manage risks, engage stakeholders, and outshine competitors. We bring you teachings inspired by top thinkers in the field, like Michael Porter and H. Igor Ansoff, among others.

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What Will You Learn?

  • The Basics of Strategy: Get to grips with what business strategy really means, its history, and how it adds value.
  • Different Strategies: Delve into various ways to strategize, like diversification or focusing on unique internal strengths, guided by renowned frameworks such as VRIN.
  • Leadership and Strategy: Learn how leadership shapes strategy, featuring proven models like strategic fit and value chain analysis.
  • Current Trends: Explore up-to-date perspectives, including global and ethical factors, using modern approaches like the Triple Bottom Line.

Real Examples

Our Free Video MBA Course isn’t just theory; it includes case studies from industry leaders like Apple and Tesla to show you how strategic thinking works in the real world.

Who is the Secret Professor?

The escalating expenses associated with acquiring MBAs and PhDs frequently render high-level expertise inaccessible to the majority. This gap is precisely what the Secret Professor initiative aims to bridge. Rather than being an individual, it embodies a transformative concept focused on making higher education more universally available, specifically in the fields of business strategy, organizational behavior, financial stewardship, analytics in marketing, and entrepreneurial studies. Learn more about this here.

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Academically Robust

We’re serious about scholarly quality. You’ll find references to academic journals and key readings if you wish to explore the subject in more depth.

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